Ever since we moved here in August I’ve been looking around for a good dojo to enroll my children in that was both a good environment and wouldn’t break the bank. I stumbled across Victory and I’m SO glad that we did. The entire family can train there for a very reasonable rate and the atmosphere there is seriously awesome. I just had my first class there and my two older children had theirs Tuesday. All of us are looking forward to next time.

~Andrea Bennett

Grateful to have such a well organized and family friendly martial arts program in my town. The programs offered are consistent and very personalized for my needs. The instruction is designed for every age and physical limits. From age 6 to 60 you will find what you need to lead a healthier life style(physical and mental). Thank you for all you have done for me and my family.

~Jay Boyd

Victory is by far one of the best activities you can put your children into. The staff is top notch and the owners are the best folks in town. Victory supports the schools and community. Their facility is always clean. Our family loves it!

~Mandy Cassiano

I have been attending Victory for 3 years now. I started as a teenager and they have helped me become a mature adult. I am 20 years old now. Going through the belt system and learning martial arts has helped me take on a more leadership role in work and life and I have become more confident in myself. All the staff and customers at Victory are very friendly. The staff will always make you feel welcome.

~Melinda Lowe

Victory Martial Arts has truly become the center of Apollo Beach. The academy offers a wide array of classes, from the very basics of martial arts, through to all manner of weapons and techniques. It really is the epitome of discipline and learning. The children’s classes, ‘Lil Dragons’ are absolutely amazing and truly highlight Sensei Phil’s amazing ability at engaging and enthusing children as young as three to become totally dedicated and committed to martial arts. The children’s classes combine karate moves with self defense (how to escape from strangers attacking them and what they should do) as well as playing games that encourage children to fully emerse themselves in physical activity to benefit health. In addition to the classes, there is an excellent after school program me, allowing parents to feel totally secure in their child’s care during their work hours. The after school care program which includes karate training. Further, there are amazing camps during school breaks where kids are cared for, trained and entertained. Victory also creates awesome entertainment for special occasions like Halloween, where the dojo is turned into a scary haven for the scare seekers including craft activities for children. It is a great place to train and meet friends … and for those fitness buffs that want to go that extra step, they can join the Victory Martial Arts team that runs the Savage Race annually … and even run with the bulls in the new challenge for 2014. The dojo has a small merchandise area where you can purchase a variety of clothing and training gear ….. gloves, tees, training weapons, protective wear, etc. Victory is truly the very center of this small town .. bringing people together while gaining new skills and improving physical well being. Highly recommended !!!

~Claire McColl

I visited 3 Martial Arts Dojos is our area for our Cub Scout pack 3 yrs ago, eventually decided on Victory Martial Arts in Apollo Beach, FL. We started working w/ Sensei Phil originally as “an after school activity” for my boys, which soon became a family activity on a daily basis. VMA teaches you self control & self defense just to name a few. He makes it enjoyable for the kids, actually the entire family. Sensei Phil & AM, owners of VMA, are productive members of our community helping everyone who walks in the Dojo. They have been a GREAT Support for my family. Wonderful Owners, Amazing Staff, Great Location, a SAFE place for kids to learn and grow is what you will get fr VMA. Come check them out and be a part of our growing family :0) AWESOMENESS is VMA in Apollo Bch FL.

~PJ Meredith

This is an AMAZING place. I started taking classes here at age 49. Many may state that starting Martial Arts training at 49 is crazy, but I have seen increases in flexibility, strength, and fantastic weight loss. If you are looking for a way to feel young, this is the place that will give you energy and vitality. I am very happy I went to check it out. It is becoming a very big part of my health and wellness program. They even give everyone a week of free classes to check it out…once I tried it I was hooked. The owners are wonderful people and the Sensei is tough but fair and understanding. Be willing to give your all to your training and your training will give it all to you.

~Richard Panek